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SOLD - SDRplay RSP-1 Rx

  • 10 May 2020 20:44
    Message # 8959669


    I've just upgraded my SDR receiver capability to an SDRplay RSP-1A so my original RSP-1, bought in Feb 2016, is now for sale.

    The combination of the RSP-1 and the (free) SDRuno software is perfectly suited to doing spectrum scans of the HF band and capturing the .WAV files that the RSGB's Lelantos analysis software uses to identify the presence or otherwise of VDSL QRM across the HF spectrum.  I recently used the RSP-1 and SDRuno to create the evidence of severe VDSL QRM to my reception on 30m that I included in my complaint to Ofcom.

    The asking price for the RSP-1 is £50.00; this price will include postage to a mainland UK destination.

    Contact Martin G0HDB on 07779 801607 or email to

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