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Sale pro test gear for Les Barclay SK

  • 09 Mar 2020 12:53
    Message # 8810189

    Les Barclay G3HTF (SK) offered for sale as is, no calibration certificates, no

    guarantees, condition as stated. Delivery a/r, can take to CDXC Convention

    LOT 1

    Bird Thruline 43 Wattmeter SO-239 very good condition

    in leather carry case, good condition, slightly marked, complete with on-board slugs

    slug band MHz power W

    5A 25-60 5

    5C 100-250 5

    25C 100-250 25

    within carry case

    25B 50-125 25

    25D 200-500 25

    Dummy slug

    8080 Termaline load, 25W  N type


    LOT 2

    In leather carry pouch, good condition

    Termaline 8361BM 10W BNC male

    Termaline 8362 NM 25W N type male

    5E 400-1000 5

    25E 400-1000 25

    5J 0.95-1.26GHz 5

    1K 1.1-1.8GHz 1

    5K 1.1-1.8GHz 5

    5L 1.7-2.2GHz 5

    5M 2.2-2.3GHz 5

    BNC - BNC flylead


    LOT 3

    Termaline 8135 50ohm load, 150W in original box, unused, excellent


    LOT 4

    TEXSCAN attenuator set of six FP-50 BNC to BNC in case, good condition

    calibrated 30MHz and 1GHz, comprising

    20.0 and 20.0dB red

    20.0 and 20.2dB red

    10.0 and 10.0dB yellow qty 2off

    6.0 and 6.1dB blue

    3.0 and 3.1dB orange


    LOT 5

    Greenpar Interseries Adaptor Kit in metal box, very good condition

    36 pc + 2 special adaptor cables, 75ohm and 50ohm, 2 spanners

    4 spaces in box, mostly unused condition.


    LOT 6

    Wayne Kerr Logarithmic LCR Bridge B500, good condition

    see details here:


    You may not want them, but if you know a good place to advertise the above, please let me know.  Proceeds to Mrs Janet Barclay xyl

    Contact David G3UNA/G6CP

    Please forgive any errors or omissions 

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