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Cushcraft R7000, Needs attention.

  • 30 May 2018 11:33
    Message # 6272849

    Bought six months ago second hand believing it was in working order but it has an intermittent fault.  I am reluctant to open it up so it is offered as for repair or spares. 

    It looks to be in good condition but it needs attention.  Price includes three new Barenco wall mounting brackets complete with Rawlbolts and the 10ft 6inch by 2ins diameter 16 gauge  aluminium tube on which it was to be mounted.

    The manual is included.

    There are several articles on the internet about overhauling a R7000 but I just don't fancy the task.

    I prefer the buyer to  inspect the bundle when collecting it from my QTH, B97 4NP.

     Price £89.

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