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  • 15 Mar 2011 19:11 | Tim Beaumont

    The Barry Amateur Radio Society B.A.R.S. Will be going to Flat Holm Island for IOTA Contest EU124.
    And the committee would like to offer the chance to join us in this exciting contest from a beautiful and historic island. So if any CDXC member who would like to come to an Welsh Island, well Marconi came in 1897 and sent the first CW QSO across water and worked DX into G land from GW.

    So if you want to experiance the thrill of a pile up and have fun let me know and maybe you will join us for a 5 day mini expedition in July. The dates are Thursday 27th until Tuesday 2nd August.

    Contact Glyn GW0ANA at for more info
    73 Glyn

  • 13 Mar 2011 11:43 | Tim Beaumont

    July 25th 2011 FOR ONE DAY ONLY Fred, G3SVK will be operational from the shack of JW5E as JW/G3SVK, Svalbard (port of call on family criuise). Operating mainly CW but may make an excurson to SSB.

  • 04 Mar 2011 18:15 | Tim Beaumont

    The DX0DX mission to the Spratly’s has been postponed to April 2012, following the initial expedition attempt in January this year.

    Team Leader Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY said he was determined to recover as much of the costs as possible to put things right for all the Team members, Sponsors, organisations and individuals involved.

    "I have been thinking very long and hard about the Spratly's and to put DX0DX off until next year will allow me time to clean up the situation from the first attempt"

    The DX-entity was to have been activated from 6 January 2011 until 1 February 2011.

    "It's better to concentrate on getting the best value for the assets so that I can recover the best return for the operators", said Chris VK3FY.

    "I will inform the DX Community and also the generous DX Foundations of the decision"

    "But I need to put things right for the operators that put their faith in me. That is of paramount importance at this time. Ongoing efforts are being made towards selling the assets"

    April is by far the best month for a DX expedition to Thitu Island in the Spratly's because the seas are far calmer for a sea voyage.

    Apologies are made by Chris VK3FY to the DX community for the changes that have been outside his control.

    Earlier on it was announced that difficulties with logistics and customs were the major problems, but were overcome.

    Chris VK3FY has personally undertaken to post the contributions, foundations, and costs on the DX0DX Yahoo group and to foundations by Tuesday 8 March 2011.

    - Jim Linton VK3PC, Public Affairs

  • 26 Feb 2011 22:05 | Tim Beaumont

    NOT just another DXpedition: Sierra Leone 2011: 9L5MS - March 28th – April 18th 2011

    By the end of March 2011 Arie PA3A, Bas PD0CAV, Ad PA8AD and Arie PA3AN will leave for Africa to meet up with Dickson EL2DT to kick off a DXpedition to Sierra Leone. The dxpedition team will arrive in Freetown on 28 March 2011 and will be on the air by the 29th. Departure date is set for April 18th. (This dxpedition was originally planned two weeks earlier but our cargo container got delayed and because of that we lost that time-window.)

    Sierra Leone as DXCC entity will be on the air on all MF/HF bands and 6m for almost 3 weeks in RTTY, SSB and CW (and possible 6m EME in JT65 if conditions permit). The team will make a serious effort to work as many stations as possible on different bands and modes and pay special attention to the smaller stations.

    Important goal for this hamradio project is to bring the good work of Mercy Ships to the attention of the worldwide amateur radio community so that healthcare projects in poor countries will get more worldwide support.
    Special about this dxpedition is that sponsoring (donations, extra QSL green stamps, etc.) will be donated to the Mercy Vision Healthcare project of Mercy Ships in Sierra Leone. This is the third dxpedition in cooperation with Mercy Ships after Liberia 2007 (5L2MS) and Benin 2009 (TY1MS).

    Mercy Ships programs promote health and well-being by serving the urgent surgical needs of the forgotten poor, and empowering developing communities. For this Mercy Ships uses a seagoing hospital ship, the Africa Mercy. On this hospitalship and on bases ashore more than 400 volunteers use their skills to make a difference. The Africa Mercy holds 6 operation rooms and laboratories and patient rooms for 78 patients. 7000 operations can be performed per year and teams can go ashore to carry out different projects. In 2011 the Africa Mercy is visiting the African country Sierra Leone.

    For further information about this DXpedition, its objectives and sponsoring, look at following URL’s:

    9L5MS website:

    9L5MS video announcement (youtube):

    You can also follow the team on Twitter: @DXpedition.

    Information about the Mercy Ships organization:

  • 17 Feb 2011 19:18 | Tim Beaumont

    Just a gentle reminder that Jim, G3RTE and Phil G3SWH will be active from West Island in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands between 22nd February and 5th March 2011.

    The 2009 "Most Wanted" survey by the DX Magazine shows the Cocos (Keeling) Islands at #75 worldwide for DXCC purposes.

    The Cocos (Keeling) Islands also count as OC-003 for IOTA purposes, CQ zone 29 and ITU zone 54.

    We will both use the single callsign of VK9C/G6AY.  Our activity will be on CW only on all bands 80-10 meters. There will be no 160, 6 metres or EME activity.

    Propagation permitting, we plan to have two stations on the air for as many hours every day as is possible.  Our main objective is to work as many European, North American and ROTW stations on as many different bands as possible and plan to make at least 15,000 QSOs.

    QSL via G3SWH, either via the OQRS facility on my web site (preferred), direct with SAE and adequate return postage, or via the bureau.

    Subject to a good Internet connection, we will update the on-line log on Phil's web site and upload to LoTW on a daily basis.

    There is more information at

    73 for now and TIA 

    Phil Whitchurch
    G3SWH and AD5YS

  • 09 Feb 2011 20:05 | Tim Beaumont

    9M6DXX, 9M6XRO, M0URX, MW0JZE, VK8DX & VK8NSB will be operating from Timor-Leste (East Timor) between 16 and 26 September 2011. The location will be Atauro Island, OC-232, 30km north of the capital, Dili.

    The group is working closely with the Timor-Leste licensing authority and the DXpedition callsign will be announced soon.

    There will be three stations, two using full licensed power linear amplifiers, and a third running 100W. Antennas will mainly be quarter-wave verticals and vertical dipoles, all located within a few metres of the ocean. For 160m an inverted-L will be used.

    Activity will be on all bands 10 - 160m using CW, SSB and RTTY.

    Atauro Island was chosen in order to provide a quiet location, well away from the electrical noise of down-town Dili. The beach-front site will allows the group to put up vertical antennas right by the ocean, providing additional low-angle gain. In addition, the island counts as OC-232 and is part of a very rare IOTA group, having being confirmed by only 18% of active IOTA participants.

    Accommodation on Atauro Island is very basic and the team will be in beach huts with no mains electricity or running water. All power for the DXpedition will be provided using hired generators. As such, the group will be requesting donations. A website will be available soon and further details will be published on the website.

    QSL via M0URX, direct (SAE plus 1 IRC / $2), via the bureau, or LoTW. Alternatively, QSLs may be requested using M0URX’s OQRS form.

  • 03 Feb 2011 16:08 | Tim Beaumont


    Christmas Island DXpedition   Bulletin No.2


    Quite a lot has happened since we first announced our DXpedition last October. This bulletin covers some of those developments, so that everyone can continue to follow our preparations for Christmas Island 2011.



    Firstly, we can confirm that the callsign T32C has been issued, in line with our previous callsigns (9M0C, D68C, 3B9C, 3B7C), the “C” recalling our origins in the

    UK ’s CDXC (The Chiltern DX Club). The call took a little time to arrange, as single letter suffixes are not normally issued by the Kiribati Government.



    Secondly, our website ( goes from strength to strength, with all the latest news. For example, you can look at predicted propagation, make a donation via PayPal and other means, read about the island, and much more. At this time, though, we would particularly urge everyone to complete the survey of wanted bands and modes, which will help us in planning our operating schedule.



    Our team is now almost complete, and we are especially delighted to welcome young amateur Michael Zürch DG1CMZ, whose participation is possible thanks to an anonymous sponsor. Michael is a 25-year old from

    Thuringia, Germany . He was first licensed at the age of 14 and is a keen contester and DXer. He has operated from GJ but T32C will be his first major DXpedition. Michael is currently working on his PhD thesis in strong-field laser physics at the University of Jena in the Quantum Electronics group and enjoys academic teaching. He operates all bands and modes, so will be a valuable addition to the T32C team. We now need just two multi-mode operators to complete our team.



    UK-based members of T32C have had several preparatory sessions to clean up and refurbish kit from our previous operations as well as building and testing equipment which we will be using for the first time (for example, new 4-square antennas for both 40 and 30m, and vertical arrays for the high bands, to complement our existing Yagis). Some photos of these activities appear on the website. We have also been getting to know the FT-5000 radios, of which we will have 16 with us on T32, along with Quadra linear amplifiers. Several pallets of gear are now ready to be transferred to the shipping container, which we expect to leave the

    UK in late February from where it will travel via Singapore to Fiji , arriving in Suva in April or early May, for onward shipping to T32.


    A novel development will be the inclusion of a GPS tracker in the container so that we can follow the progress of our kit as it makes its way to the island!



    A PDF brochure is now available, giving much more information about the DXpedition and the island. A copy is included with this bulletin and can be downloaded from the website. While designed primarily to give potential sponsors more information about T32C, we are also mailing to existing sponsors, DX bulletins and others, as we believe it gives everyone some fascinating insights into this major project.


    As always, more information will follow in due course. We thank you for your interest in T32C.


    Don Field G3XTT, (              3 February 2011

    (FSDXA Publicity Officer)


    Global Sponsor: Yaesu

    Major Sponsors:

    Nevada Radio, Martin Lynch & Sons

  • 21 Jan 2011 14:39 | Tim Beaumont

    14 January 2011 the ANRT via Mr. Kacem CN8LR, secretary of the ARRAM, sent us the individual licences for the DX'pedition to HERNE island iota AF-068.

    The date will be from 1 to 5 February 2011.
    Mode : SSB (digital modes).
    Bands : all HF, WARC, 6m. (ww.locator IL23AR).
    The team is formed by 5C2L Leopoldo I8LWL, 5C2P Ruggero IK2PZC, 5C2J Alfredo IK7JWX, CN8QY Mounaim.
    QSL: for Italians ops. QSL Via home calls, for CN8QY QSL Via I8LWL.
    Follwing info to at the page NEWS.
    We need supporters and sponsors !

    For donations send Pay Pall to

    73 de Fred IK7JWX & Navajo Dx Team

  • 05 Jan 2011 16:14 | Tim Beaumont

    IOTA OC-165
    John, 9M6XRO, and Steve, 9M6DXX, will operate as 9M6XRO/8 (CW) and 9M8Z/P (SSB) respectively from Pulau Satang Besar, OC-165, from 25 February until early GMT on 28 February 2011, using two stations with linear amplifiers to a Hexbeam and verticals located on the ocean. QSL both 9M6XRO/8 and 9M8Z/P via M0URX, direct (SAE plus 1 IRC / $2), via the bureau, or LoTW. Alternatively, QSLs may be requested using M0URX’s OQRS form at

    BRUNEI, V85
    John, 9M6XRO, and Steve, 9M6DXX, will operate from Brunei, V85 (IOTA OC-088), for 2 days, on 22 February and 2 March, while travelling to and from OC-165 (see above). Callsigns are yet to be confirmed but may be V85/GD3OOK and V85/G4JVG or V85/9M6XRO and V85/9M8Z. QSL both callsigns via M0URX, direct (SAE plus 1 IRC / $2), via the bureau, or LoTW. Alternatively, QSLs may be requested using M0URX’s OQRS form at

  • 05 Jan 2011 16:06 | Tim Beaumont

    Today Mr. Kacem CN8LR, secretary of ARRAM, has informed us that the licence CN2LWL is now confirmed for the DX'pedition to the rare

    HERNE Island iota AF-068, activated only one time with about 600 QSO.

    The date will be from 1 to 5 February 2011.


    QSL manager of CN2LWL is I8LWL and the team will be:

    Leopoldo I8LWL, Fred IK7JWX, Ruggero IK2PZC, Simon IZ7ATN, CN8QY Monauim.

    May be that we will activate also the WFF Natural Park of Dakhla ref. CNFF-007 with the calls 5C2J (IK7JWX), 5C2L (I8LWL), 5C2P (IK2PZC); for this activation, pse, send QSL Via Home Call.


    Following info to at the News page.


    We need donations, supporters and sponsors!


    73 de Navajo DX Team

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