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Herne Island AF-068 22- 29 Septmenber

17 Aug 2011 14:28 | Tim Beaumont

5C2J (IK7JWX), 5C2L (I8LWL), 5C2P (IK2PZC), 5C2SG (IZ7ATN), 5C2B (IS0AGY) : QSL  via  H.C.
CN8QY (Essaouira), CN8QX (Dakhla) : QSL via I8LWL

Herne is. IOTA AF-068 Locator IL23CU,
Fixed Base  - Dakhla city ww.locator IL23AQ,
Park of Dakhla WFF CNFF-007,
Lighthouse of Dakhla A.R.L.L.H.S. WSA-001.

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