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FSDXA Christmas Island DXpedition

02 Aug 2011 11:09 | Tim Beaumont

Bulletin No.3

Just a couple of months to go now until our T32C expedition to Christmas Island. Our container of equipment has reached Fiji and is due to ship soon to T32, to await our arrival.

The team is now pretty much complete, with no less than 41 operators, some of whom will be there for the whole period, others will be there for the first or second half. At any one time there will be around 30 operators on the island, permitting us to operate round the clock on all bands with, propagation and other factors permitting, two stations QRV on each of 80 through 10. The team consists of Neville G3NUG (Team Leader), Chris G3SVL (Co-Leader), John G3WGV (Co-Leader), Michael DG1CMZ, Franz DK1II, Falk DK7YY, Paul EI5DI, Dave EI9FBB, Gerard F2JD, Ian F5VKT/G3YBY, Michel FM5CD, Vincent G0LMX, Tony G0OPB, Nobby G0VJG, Richard G3RWL, Fred G3SVK, Laurie G3UML, David G3UNA, Gordon G3USR, Dave G3WGN, Mike G3WPH, Don G3XTT, Mark G4AXX, John G4DRS, Nick G4FAL, Mike G4IUF, Tony G4LDL, Justin G4TSH, Michael G7VJR, Clive GM3POI, Bob GU4YOX, Kazu JA1RJU, Dave K4SV, Paul KG4UVU, Bob MD0CCE, Arnie N6HC, Bob N6OX, Frank ON7RU, Ronald PA3EWP, Maury W3EF and Paul WF5T.

We are very pleased to welcome Redweb Technologies as a new Corporate Sponsor. They specialise in tracking security solutions and have loaned us a container tracker. We are also delighted once again to have been granted a prestigious ARRL Colvin Award. In addition we thank CDXC - The UK DX Foundation, GDXF -German DX Foundation and the RSGB DXpedition Fund for offering support. Many thanks too to the many corporate, DX and local clubs and individuals who have come forward to support our expedition. They are too numerous to mention here, but are listed in full on our website. Details of how to donate also appear on our website. PayPal donations may be made directly via the site. All donations will be acknowledged.
FSDXA supports the DX Code of Conduct ( and is committed to ensuring that all T32C team members operate to the highest standards. We have also, in conjunction with Wayne Mills N7NG and Steve Telenius-Lowe 9M6DXX, produced a document “How to Work Us” which can be downloaded from our website.

Internet access to and from Christmas Island is limited so we will not, for example, be watching the DX Cluster! If you have feedback for the expedition, this can be routed through Don G3BJ, via Don will pass this feedback to the team on a daily basis. In the reverse direction, logs will be uploaded to ClubLog ( on a daily basis and any news posted on the T32C website. We will also aim to send regular updates to the major bulletins.

We mentioned last time that a PDF brochure about the expedition is downloadable from our website. We are pleased to say that this is available in Russian and Japanese as well as English.

The T32C DVD can be pre-ordered at the on-line shop on the T32C website. Full details are given there. In addition to the T32C story, the DVD will include the video made during the FSDXA DXpedition to St. Brandon Island (3B7C) in September 2007.

As you have read above, much of what you need to know is on our extensive website. Do keep checking it for updates, both before and during the expedition:

Don Field G3XTT, (                                   2 August 2011
(FSDXA Publicity Officer)

Major Sponsors:
Martin Lynch & Sons
Redweb Technologies
Nevada Radio

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