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04 Mar 2011 18:15 | Tim Beaumont

The DX0DX mission to the Spratly’s has been postponed to April 2012, following the initial expedition attempt in January this year.

Team Leader Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY said he was determined to recover as much of the costs as possible to put things right for all the Team members, Sponsors, organisations and individuals involved.

"I have been thinking very long and hard about the Spratly's and to put DX0DX off until next year will allow me time to clean up the situation from the first attempt"

The DX-entity was to have been activated from 6 January 2011 until 1 February 2011.

"It's better to concentrate on getting the best value for the assets so that I can recover the best return for the operators", said Chris VK3FY.

"I will inform the DX Community and also the generous DX Foundations of the decision"

"But I need to put things right for the operators that put their faith in me. That is of paramount importance at this time. Ongoing efforts are being made towards selling the assets"

April is by far the best month for a DX expedition to Thitu Island in the Spratly's because the seas are far calmer for a sea voyage.

Apologies are made by Chris VK3FY to the DX community for the changes that have been outside his control.

Earlier on it was announced that difficulties with logistics and customs were the major problems, but were overcome.

Chris VK3FY has personally undertaken to post the contributions, foundations, and costs on the DX0DX Yahoo group and to foundations by Tuesday 8 March 2011.

- Jim Linton VK3PC, Public Affairs

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