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The Spratlys DX'pedition gets Wings

26 Nov 2010 15:08 | Tim Beaumont

The Spratlys DXpedition gets wings


With just over 40 days to go before the month-long DX0DX DXpedition, comes news that the operators will now fly to Thitu (Pag-Asa) island rather than taking a 30 hour plus trip by sea.


Team Leader, Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY & DU8/VK3FY said while flying had been an option in early planning, when the boat that would have ferried the operators was damaged in heavy sea and needing substantial repairs, aviation transport to and from the island became available.


The charter of a twin-engined aircraft adds to the expense of the DXpedition and the personal costs for all taking part in it. Smaller sea transport will still be used to get equipment and supplies to the island.


The 37 operators from 15 countries are ready to arrive and take part in three teams to put DX0DX on air from 6 January to 1 February 2011, including the CQ World Wide 160m CW Contest. The special DX entity The Spratlys Islands (IOTA AS-051) will have a big presence on all bands.


Chris VK3FY & DU8/VK3FY said, ‘There is a real excitement within the amateur radio community about this particular DXpedition, and most of the operators just can't wait to be part of action.


‘It is much more than activating a rare DX spot. There is no doctor or health service on the island. As part of a humanitarian contribution, two DXpedition members who are doctors, Josette Docherty VK2FXGR and Edward Soriano 4F1OZ, will provide medical checks to the island's residents.’


It was announced today that Amateur Radio Victoria VK3WI had voted to make a substantial donation directly to purchase medical supplies for use as part of the humanitarian effort.


In other news, Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY & DU8/VK3FY announced that for the 160m band DX0DX will have two 65 foot Top Hat phased verticals and a back-up Titanex V1602E antenna.


“The DXpedition will be doing its utmost to satisfy the demand for contacts on the Top Band, as demonstrated by it having the highest sought after rating in the DX0DX website online survey,” he said.


All equipment for the DXpedition will have arrived in The Philippines. Earlier it was reported how eight HF Yagi antennas had been pre-assembled and tuned, ready for construction and erection on the island.


The Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA) has appointed DX0DX team member, Dindo Garcia DV1UD, as the

PARA liaison person to handle all Bureau of Customs requirements.


Thank you to the generous corporate sponsorship that makes the DXpedition possible by providing equipment and other needs, plus funding support from DX groups, clubs, and individual radio amateurs.


For more information about the DXpedition please check out the website which has just been extensively updated.


Jim Linton VK3PC, Public Affairs, DX0DX DXpedition

26 November 2010 


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