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PP5BI & PP5BB Travel Through Europe

01 Nov 2010 16:33 | Tim Beaumont

Carlos Biasone PP5BI would like to inform CDXC members of some DX activity that he is doing with Amauri PP5BB.

"Friends of DX ham radio enthusiasts, we are passing days starting 05/11/2010 for a period of 90 days or more,I Bias-PP5BI and Amauri-PP5BB. Are possible "operations" depends only on the release of these countries, 3A /, T77 /, HB0 /, HV5 /, C3 /, 1A /, 9H /, TK /,
We count on the cooperation of friends QSL information via Tnx.
73' DX Bias-PP5BI"

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