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Sable Island Dxpedition News / Update to SUPPORTERS !!

12 Oct 2010 21:23 | Tim Beaumont

To Our Supporters:  (Financial, Technical, Administrative)

All is set for the operation to commence on 21 October.  The CY0 Sable Team expresses sincere appreciation and gratitude for your support.  The donations by individuals as well as the many who make up the “clubs/Foundations” supporting the dxpedition have been very helpful and encouraging.  While we do not have the list of individuals who are members of the organizations, hopefully they can be made aware of our appreciation for the support as well.  Feel free to forward a copy of this email for their information.


Additionally, there have been several folks behind the scenes who provided information and technical assistance during the planning stage…thanks to all for their time assisting us. 


To the JA supporters via JA1ELY - Toshi, a special thank you.

And, a special expression of thanks also to Gerry Forbes and Al Wilson, the Officers in Charge on Sable for their assistance and hospitality.


Callsigns are as follows.

                   N0TG/CY0    – Randy

                   AI5P/CY0     - Rick

                   VE1RGB/CY0 – Gary



Preferred frequencies are listed on the Home Page of the WEB:  www.CY0dxpedition.  Although, these are generally traditional dxpedition frequencies, we will be sensitive to others using the frequencies and be prepared to change as needed, especially with several dxpeditions going on at the same time.  Thus, as you hear us on frequencies other than those “advertised”, posting us on the DX Spotting clusters will be helpful and appreciated.


Planned Travel and Startup:

          Tuesday –      October 19 –Team arrives in Halifax, Canada

          Wednesday – October 20 – final logistics preparation for charter Flight to Sable

          Thursday –     October 21 – Morning Charter Flight to Sable Island.

We are optimistic that all stations will be on the air by 2300 UTC or so Oct 21.  If not all stations, then at lease partial and then we will finish install the next day.


Congingency Plans:

If weather or beach conditions are not suitable for flying on Thursday, Oct 21, we will try again the following day – Friday, Oct 22.  If conditions are not acceptable on Friday, then our next opportunity will be on Monday – 25 October.  We will attempt to post a Status on the web


QSL information:  (QSLs will include Sable Photos, so we’ll need several weeks after the conclusion of the operation to finalize design and printing.)


For individuals who have donated in advance of the dxpedition, we will search the log and send you a QSL card automatically.  No further action required on your part. 

For others, there are options for QSLing and those details/instructions are listed on the WEB:


For convenient, fast and efficient QSLing, we are encouraging everyone to consider the ONLINE QSL REQUEST method. Whatever method is chosen, it will be our pleasure to provide a beautiful photo QSL.   And, as promised…individual supporters will be listed on the QSL card as well as logos of organizations as a small token/recognition of our appreciation.  Logs will be uploaded to LOTW after we take care of the bulk of direct QSLing.  (some of the European organizations will assist with QSLs for “their” members through their club)



We do our best to provide a balanced operation to satisfy the needs and desires of all and to assure it is a FUN time and promotes our wonderful hobby.   The focus is to work as many stations on as many bands as we can.  While the main emphasis is CW and SSB, there will be some time devoted to RTTY as well.


Thanks to all for your interest, for telling others, assistance and support…we are excited and ready to go.  See you soon from Sable; There are other names I likely should list on the distribution I and apologize if my organization skills failed.  This has been an exciting adventure thus far and more yet to come.  We will work hard!!  See you soon.


The 2010 Sable Team  -  73,

          N0TG/CY0    (  )

AI5P/CY0     (   )

          VE1RGB/CY0 (   )



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