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9M6DXX/P & 9M6XRO/P 24th - 27th September 2010

22 Sep 2010 19:24 | Tim Beaumont
The Sebatik Island OC-295 Team are ready for the long drive from their base in Kota Kinabalu. 9M6XRO John sent me his latest log update today with the following text.

"I just thought I'd clear the decks before leaving for Sebatik Island in the morning so I will send you the 9M6XRO log up to date. We have the CRV all packed and ready to roll at 6am in about 7 hours time for the 550km to Tawau, overnight there, then boat to Sebatik about noon L/T on the 24th. We hope to have at least one station on by the 24th evening but I think we can manage to get both set up with a bit of luck. We met the deputy headmaster of the Wallace Bay school for lunch today in KK and from his description things have improved a lot since 2006 and sounds like we will have no problem setting up the two stations and antennas on the jetty which he says is 300 ft long with lighting along its length.

OK, we'll see. I'll get this off to you then pack the laptop - and my camera this time! 

73 - John - 9M6XRO"

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