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CDXC HF Challenge 2010

25 Aug 2010 14:23 | Michael Wells (Administrator)
The HF DX Challenge seeks to stimulate DXing on the high HF ham bands, from 15m to 4m inclusive (where permitted by local licensing laws). The contest began in 2009 as an initiative by Gary ZL2iFB and mirrors the format of the CDXC LF Challenge.

Dates and times

September 1st 00:00 UTC to September 30th 23:59:59 UTC.

Bands: 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m and 4m amateur bands only (where permitted).

Modes: any two-way mode of transmission permitted by your licence, including the more exotic data modes such as RTTY, PSK31, JT65 and WSJT.  Any mode of propagation you can exploit.

Power: not to exceed the maximum power permitted by your licence. 

Assistance rules (DXcluster, DX nets, moonbounce, meteor scatter etc.)  these are all permitted, encouraged even within the spirit of the challenge. All QSOs must however be made directly between ham stations using the high HF ham bands as indicated above. 

Scoring: one single point per DXCC country contacted, regardless of band or mode.  Each DXCC country counts just once.  The latest available ARRL DXCC country list is definitive. There are no multipliers or bonuses.

How To Enter: the preferred way to enter is simply to upload your standard electronic log in ADIF format to Club Log.  To participate in the CDXC HF Challenge, you will first need to apply to join Club Log - if you are not already a member - then join the 'CDXC HF Challenge' club by clicking the 'Clubs' link in the top menu.

DXers who do not log electronically and SWLs are welcome to enter too. Please send the CDXC Contest Manager a summary showing the total number of DXCC countries you have worked or heard, plus ideally a breakdown showing the number contacted/heard on each band and mode

No QSL cards are required, but in the event of a dispute the CDXC committee may request a photocopy or print-out of applicants’ logs. There is no minimum number of entities worked in order to qualify.

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