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GJ Jersey 29/06/2010 - 05/07/2010

16 Mar 2010 17:40 | Tim Beaumont
Preliminary Announcement
CDXC Members Gordon, G3USR and Tom, GM4FDM and four other DXpeditioners (PA1AW, PA1BDO, PA3EWP and PA5F) plan to be QRV from the State of Jersey for a week from Tuesday 29th June until Monday 5th July, 2010.
The GJ website is now live at Jersey 2010 Expedition 
It is hoped to activate most bands 160 - 10 metres, SSB and CW with RTTY a possibility.
A particular focus of the trip will be 6 metres for which it is planned to have a big beam and maximum legal power. Hopefully, with the summer Es season in full swing (we hope) and some good tropo, contacts from EU-013 to the UK should be a breeze. We will also often be beaming USA and Caribbean, particularly later in the day. The locator will be IN89ve
Operators will be signing GJ / homecall for Tom and Gordon and MJ / homecall for other team members. QSL via home calls.
Further details later. Meantime if you are a 50 Mhz enthousiast and need GJ, please put us in your diary!
Thanks and 73

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