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3B9WR (G3LZQ) Safe and well!

16 Mar 2010 15:25 | Charles Wilmott (Administrator)
Well for those of us that were wondering where John G3LZQ had disappeared to during BERU, I can report he is safe and well! It was reported on the CDXC server that John was taken ill at the weekend whilst on Rodrigues Island and operating as 3B9WR.
He had a fever and high temperature but after a brief visit to the Hospital, all was well again.
He tells us:- " Had to quit BERU at 17z after wkg ZM4G On 80m."Important thing is he is back on his feet and "feeling 100%, But drinking rehydration salted water by the bucket."
He was qrv again yesterday and has had very good signals into the UK on 12M CW during late morning. Have a safe trip back John!

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