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19 Jan 2010 12:45 | Tim Beaumont

After the enforced "vacation" in Waikiki, the plane to T32 is scheduled to leave tomorrow (Tuesday) at 18.30z for T32. The arrival time is around 23.00z.

If all goes well, I look forward to working some CDXC members on the bands from Wednesday morning UK time. I have assurances about the antenna location, so we should not get a repetition of the issues in Polynesia. My sunset is around 04.40Z although I expect the LF bands to peak to UK around 06.00-08.00z. For the first evening (my time) I will probably start on 40m, and once I have the feel of the bands, give 80m a try on subsequent days at around 06.00, then move HF by band as propagation develops each day.

2 Khz up from the bottom of the band, QSX up 1-2. GL to all 73 Don, G3BJ

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