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The Flannan Isles EU-118 MS0INT (Early to mid June 2010)

23 Apr 2010 16:15 | Tim Beaumont

Within the Chiltern DX Club there is a great enthusiasm for everything DX. DX'peditions require different skills covering all aspects of Amateur Radio to exterminate the successful DXpedition, one strength of the CDXC club is the wealth of knowledge and experience of its members.


Col, MM0NDX a keen IOTA enthusiast, has revealed his plans to be QRV from The Flannan Isles EU-118, along with his team members Oscar Luis EA1DR, George EA2TA, Christian EA3NT, F4BKV Vincent and Bjorn SM0MDG. The team will use the call sign MS0INT. You can follow their journey at the MS0INT Website.


Only ever activated in 1989, 1995 and 2002, The Flannan Isles EU-118 are certainly a much needed IOTA. Extremely difficult to access due to North Atlantic weather systems constantly eroding the available landing site, a determined international group of IOTA & DX enthusiasts intend to activate Flannans in early / mid-June, 2010.


The biggest threat / danger to any DX'pedition to the Flannan Isles is the Atlantic weather that can produce violent winds that can sweep through this North West Outer Hebrides area located approximately 32km west of the Island of Lewis. The sea swells that can surge across the 3,000 miles of North Atlantic Ocean hitting land at the Flanan Isles can make this a hazardous exercise.  A study of Ocean charts and weather maps determine if and when this difficult IOTA can take place.

QSL will be available Via M0URX.


More information coming soon.



There is a great story about The Flannan Isles "Click Here" called The Mystery of Flannan Isles, from an incident where 3 men dissapered in December 1900.


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    Col MM0NDX is a member of CDXC and the GM DX Group.

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