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ZK2BJ Don reports from Niue Island

26 Sep 2009 19:39 | Tim Beaumont

ZK2BJ Don Beattie reports on the CDXC reflector today after his holiday expedition to Niue Island. Don goes on to say:


"I'm sorry that the ZK2BJ signal was so weak in Europe. I was prepared for some screening in the European direction, but in the event it was just too much. European signals were weak (at best) with continuous flutter, no doubt because of the enforced high angle from my antenna. I was also beset by switch mode psu interference from somewhere, which wandered across the bands quite regularly, to add to the entertainment. Congratulations to those who did make it into the log on 40,30 and 20 from the UK. Hopefully Koji, ZK2NX helped out from his better location (and 1Kw linear !).

But Niue was always going to be a holiday firstly and radio secondly. And what a great place for a holiday. We were very sad to leave, having been totally enchanted by this little island.

LoTW upload will be as soon as we are home (and have negotiated adding the two new calls to the LoTW system)  For those who need QSL's it will be a couple of weeks before I send off the design to the printers. We are now in ZL and VK until 8th October.

Hope to see everyone at Wyboston." ZK2BJ / G3BJ Don



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