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NH0J from Tinian Island - Oct. 18 - 22, 2012

30 Sep 2012 03:45 | Tim Beaumont
JA1NVF (Kit), JF7ELG (Kowata), JJ2VLY (Miho), and JQ2GYU (Yutaka) will be active from RST (Radio Space of TINIAN) in Tinian Island (OC-086) between October 18-22, 2012 as NH0J. QRV CW/SSB on 80 to 6m. Kowata and Miho will try RTTY/PSK as well.
They may also use their personal US call signs such as AH0J (QSL via JA1NVF), WA2O/KH0 (QSL via JF7ELG), WS2M/KH0 (QSL via JJ2VLY), and WS2Y/KH0 (QSL via JQ2GYU).
The QSL route to NH0J, "J-TINIAN Radio Space Club", is "via JJ2VLY", and please don't send your QSL request to Tinian Island, but request to JJ2VLY by DIRECT (SAE + US$2) or JARL BURO.

Yutaka, JQ2GYU (also WS2Y, M0LZP, T88YU, and JF1LZQ)
Operated 9M4SDX (2007), GJ6UW (2011), and 9M0L (2012)
Activated JW/JQ2GYU in 2010

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