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CDXC 'Local Heroes' Award


To recognise the contributions made to the amateur radio DXing fraternity by individuals resident in rarer countries who:

  • Regularly appear on the bands and run pile-ups efficiently and uncomplainingly;
  • QSL reliably without special demands other than requiring coverage of postage costs;
  • Do not discriminate unfairly between countries they will work, except in contests or at specific times when difficult paths are open.

Preference will be given to stations which:

  • Provide activity over a wide range of bands and modes
  • Are QRV throughout the year and not in short bursts

Nature of the Award

The top three nominees in each year will be sent a certificate and the winning nominee will be awarded an appropriate prize of up to £200 in value, sponsored and supplied by CDXC. He or she will also become an honorary member of CDXC for three years.


The owner and main operator of the station must have been resident in the DXCC entity for more than one year at the time the annual vote commences.

The owner of the station does not receive regular sponsorship or payments to provide the activity. This may exclude gifts of equipment and free QSL cards from an advertising source.

Attempts to use techniques to distort the vote will result in disqualification of the nominator(s) and/or the nominee for that year.

Any station can be nominated again in subsequent years.

The decision of the CDXC committee is final. The decision on winners will be made at the June Committee meeting and announced at the CDXC AGM in July.

Voting Procedure

The annual competition will run from 1 June in one year to 31 May in the next.

Licensed amateur radio station operators from any country can vote at any time through the medium of the CDXC web site. Participants may nominate any number of stations in a year but may nominate each station only once in that year.

SWLs may take part if they either have a registered number with their national society or are members of CDXC.

Nominations should be made to the the club secretary at any time. Please make sure that you conform with the above simple conditions for the award. It would help the committee if you gave a brief statement of the reasons for your choice, and make sure also to give your callsign or registered SWL number because this is often not clear from an e-mail address. tion must have been resident in the DXCC entity for more than one year at the time the annual vote commences.

Previous Winners



2019 VP8LP and VP8NO 
2014 T32TV
2007 9J2BO
2005 T77C
2004 ZK1CG Now E51CG
2003 9M2TO
2002 3B9FR

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