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CDXC HF Challenge Rules


The Hinson Trophy, named in honour of Gary Hinson, ZL2IFB, who conceived the first HF Challenge in 2009, is awarded to the CDXC member who works the most DXCC entities on the 21, 24, 28 and 50 MHz band during the month of September each year.  Each DXCC entity is counted once only, regardless of how many band or how many modes that entity is worked on.  No QSL cards are required, but in the event of a dispute the CDXC committee may request a photocopy or print-out of a participant’s logs.


When:                     00:01 GMT 1st September to 23:59 GMT 30th September each year

Bands:                     15m, 12m, 10m and 6m only

Modes:                   Any within your license

Power:                    Any within your license

Eligibility:                The HF Challenge is open to any licensed amateur world-wide, but only fully

                                 paid-up members of CDXC are eligible to receive awards (except the Awards

                                 Manager, who is not eligible to receive Challenge awards).

Scoring:                  Each valid DXCC entity scores one point and is counted only once no matter how

                                 many times worked or on how many bands.  Band-slots will be used to resolve ties.

Log Entry:               Via Upload to Club Log and electing to enter the HF Challenge on the

                                 Club Log website   Regular uploading of logs during the

                                 month is encouraged – registration and at least one upload must be made by

    15 Sept and at least one upload per week is preferred – as this helps  to drive the

Challenge and provides a spectator sport for all to see.  If you will not be QRV until

late in the month but would still like to take part, please send an email to the Awards

Manager.   Paper logs will NOT be accepted. 

Log Verification:    No QSLs are required, but to aid in scoring the results, the adjudicators may request

                                 verification via other means.  By registering for the Challenge, you grant permission to the

                                 adjudicators to view your entries in Club Log.  You also agree that all decisions of

                                 the adjudicators are final. 

Closing Date:         All logs must be uploaded by 23:59 on 5 October following the Challenge period.



Trophies:                The Hinson Trophy will be awarded to the CDXC member with the highest

                                 number of DXCCs worked.  The Chairman’s Cup will be awarded to the

                                 runner-up.  Trophies will be presented at the CDXC AGM/Summer Social

                                 following the Challenge and may be held for approximately nine months, after

                                 which they must be returned to the Awards Manager for presentation to the

                                 winners in the following year.

Salvers:                   The top three placed entrants and the entrants with the highest score on

                                 each of the four bands (provided at least 10 DXCCs have been worked on

                                 that band) will receive an engraved salver to keep.  Salvers will be

                                 presented at the CDXC AGM/Summer Social following the Challenge.

Certificates:           Certificates of Merit will be awarded to the entrants placed 4th to 10th.

                                 Certificates will be e-mailed in .pdf format after the publication of results. 


CDXC acknowledges the inspiration and efforts of Gary Hinson ZL2IFB/G4IFB in setting up the first running of the HF Challenge in 2009 and the work of Michael Wells G7VJR in conceiving Club Log and providing it for use as a tool for this challenge.

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