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Announcing the CDXC DX Marathon Challenge


1.       Promote continued DX activity by CDXC Members

2.       Recognize and reward excellence of continuous DX chasing by members

3.       Promote upload of logs by members to Club Log


1.       The number of DXCCs worked in any calendar year, as recorded by Club Log entries

2.       Any mode, any band, but DXCCs count only once

3.       Only CDXC Members are eligible for trophy or salver awards; three non-member certificates will be awarded

4.       Award is to individual operator, but QSOs made under different single-operator callsigns will be counted if the callsigns are linked in Club Log (eg, G4xxx, GR4xxx etc) so long as all the callsigns are owned by that individual and made from the same DXCC entity.  Note: Club Contest callsigns are not eligible for linking, but are eligible for awards on a stand-alone basis.

5.       Club Log uploads must occur at least three times during the year, including at least one the 3rd calendar quarter, one in the October-November period, and at least one upload between 1st December and 15th December.  More frequent uploads are encouraged.

6.       Final upload must be within five days of the end of the calendar year


1.       Highest Score Overall – The Club Log Trophy (travelling cup), sponsored by CDXC, plus salver

2.     Highest CW Score - The GM4FAM Trophy (travelling cup), sponsored by Michael G7VJR, plus salver

3.     Highest Phone Score - The G3NUG Trophy (travelling cup), sponsored by Neville G3NUG, plus salver

4.        Highest MGM Score - The President's Trophy (travelling cup), sponsored by Don G3XTT, plus salver

5.        Runners-Up and 3rd highest in CW, SSB and MGMs – certificates, e-mailed to the winners

6.        Highest placed Foundation licensee – certificate, e-mailed to the winner

7.        Highest placed Intermediate licensee – certificate, e-mailed to the winner

8.        Highest placed Full licensee who has held a Full licence for less than three years – certificate, e-mailed to the winner

11.    Highest overall Score for non-CDXC member - certificate, e-mailed to the winner


           To run from 00:01 on 1st January to 23:59 on 31st December each year


Full Rules:


       Available at CDXC DX Marathon Challenge - Rules


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